A German native living in San Francisco, I am a creative muse with a practical streak, intrigued by the endless hues that make up the stories of our human existence. The common thread that runs throughout my work is to elevate people and endeavors that make the world a bit more equitable and livable for all its inhabitants.

As an explorer of ecology from micro-level (soil) to human-scale (cities) to macro-level (cosmos), my approach to creating meaningful narratives is rooted in the understanding that everything is connected and the most fertile ground is often found in the spaces between. Whether it’s writing an article about urban composting or putting together a website for a creative reuse center, the goal is to shape the diverse pieces of the puzzle into a cohesive whole.

My quote on the kombucha bottle: “One lifetime is but a second in the history of the earth. What are you doing with your second?”

When I’m not assembling mental puzzles, I enjoy riding my bike through the streets of San Francisco, jamming with my culinary rock band Beet the System, and helping people chart their soul journey through astrology readings.

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