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Wow, Sven. “What’s the Most Sustainable Material for Daily Life? The Answer May Be Hiding in Plain Sight” is truly beautiful. You wield a keyboard like a blacksmith a peen. Thanks for including me in your terrific piece. We’ll spread it far and wide. I’m going to enjoy very much reading your postings on a regular basis. I am in awe.

Sven is smart, professional, downright charming to work with, turns in clean and readable copy, and takes gorgeous photos to illustrate his own pieces to boot. Seriously. You can’t do better.

Of all the reporting done on the program, yours may be the best. Your story, photos, and captions were all brilliant. You have done the program, San Francisco’s efforts to achieve zero waste, and your readers a true service. And you did it after working very hard on other stories all week. Where do you get the energy, the strength?

Thanks so much for the incredible job you did on “How Smaller Cities are Taking the Lead in Sustainability Innovation.” As a veteran reporter and writer, I am deeply appreciative of good journalism, which I would call your piece even if you it weren’t about the work I am engaged in now.

Wow Sven, “From Urban Prototype to Heart of the City in 313 Days” is truly my favorite article of them all. I’m serious. Everything else has been so cut and dry. I really appreciate your putting Pulse in its broader art/city/placemaking context and adding your own personal reflection. I’m so thankful that the story has finally been done justice by you. Thank you Sven!! You’re the best!

In addition to turning my important paper around within a week, Sven was extremely thorough and provided very thoughtful feedback as well as specifics about how to improve the writing, while maintaining my “voice”. Sven was great to work with and really went above and beyond as an editor. He is a fantastic wordsmith and really helped me raise the quality of my paper.

If you need help with your web site, and if you would like easy-to-understand instructions on how to manage your site, you will not find a better person than Sven Eberlein. He has been a huge help to us to building up our site.

Sven worked hand in hand with our team to help us envision and build a website that is both beautiful and functional. We were working in multiple languages which added a dimension of complexity. Sven took it all in stride and the result is an accessible international portal for our project. We love it!

Sven, your copywriting, editorial skills and input were invaluable. Your ability to capture the essence of my quirky message and offer insightful suggestions enhanced it greatly. You just got it. You went above and beyond. The best recommendation I can give is to state unequivocally I will be tapping you again to review my next manuscript.

Sven is so knowledgeable about how to create a website for a professional like me. He is also helpful and cheerful! He was able to guide me when necessary and was so collaborative that it was a delight to work with him.

I wanted to thank you again, my business cards are fabulous! They turned out just how I envisioned from what your design was. And the printer you chose made them on a really nice heavy card stock. In all my business years, working with you to build my website, designing my company’s logo, not to mention all the tutoring you have given me has been by far the most enjoyable experience. Thank you!

Working with Sven has proven that even non-technical people can maintain a website that is both attractive and functional. He quickly helped me set up my site and modify it exactly as I wanted, while providing clear instructions that even a novice can follow. I give him an A+ for his knowledge, patience and teaching skills!