astrology readings


As a decade-long participant in Steven Forrest’s Astrological Apprenticeship Program, I’m a Level Two certified practitioner of Steven’s choice-centered approach to astrology that conveys soul wisdom through an original, compassionate, and often humorous real life narrative.

Our shared interest in the creative process has also seen us collaborate on Dancing on the Brink of the World, a multidisciplinary work blending fiction, art, and music for each of the twelve zodiac signs. My astrological practice is deeply rooted in this spirit of poetic open-mindedness.

I marvel at the endless potential for creative expression that we all bring into this world, with an understanding that each of our paths to fulfillment is unique and nonlinear. Interpreting the symbols in your birth chart in this holistic, integrative way, the ultimate focus of my readings is to clear away the mental clutter along your path and get to the essence of your soul truth.

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