Do you need to craft original copy? Fine-tune a work in progress? Turn your prose into a presentable document? Integrate your content into a website? All of the above?

As a producer of literary, visual, and multimedia works for over 20 years, I can help you tell your story and bring it to life — verbally, visually, or both.

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Web Design

webdesign-featuresAre you looking to create a simple, clean, and functional new website? In the age of gigabytes I’ve found that less is often more and sites with well-chosen accents and visual breathing space are not only the most effective but also the most attractive.

I specialize in helping small businesses, organizations and individuals set up sites on the WordPress platform that are quickly designed, affordable, and easily updated by the client upon launch. Whether you’re looking to add photo galleries, blog pages, and audio files or embed social media widgets, videos, or shopping carts, I’m well versed in the interfaces that are standards of the modern web experience.

From music directors and non-profit executives to hair stylists and beekeepers, I love working with diverse individuals and groups looking to reflect their character and style in the digital world. Whether you already have all your content and just need to migrate to an easier platform or you’re starting from scratch and in need of original copy, logo, graphics, or photography, I can help create the website that works for you.

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Content Creation

Do you need to tell your story but have a hard time finding the right words? Need a tune-up on some existing copy or a pending draft but just can’t push it over the finish line?

From website bios and press releases to cover letters and promotional materials, I can assist you at all stages of the content creation process. Whether you just need a few tweaks to put the finishing touches on a work in progress or you’re looking to develop your own voice into a clear and compelling narrative, the mission is to guide you toward a tight final draft that conveys your message clearly and authentically.

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Content Integration

carolina-kroonDo you have your bio and mission statement ready to go, but you’re looking for visual accents and want to move from your blog to a hosted website? Do you have great videos and photos of your work, but you don’t know how to organize and present them online? Do you have a website your tech friend set up years ago but isn’t around anymore to update and add new content?

In our highly specialized information world there are a lot of tech gurus, talented writers, and stellar designers. What’s often missing is the capacity to connect all the various pieces of the puzzle into a cohesive presentation. My forte is to distill the verbal, visual, and technical elements of content creation into a seamless experience, so your target audience can get to the essence of your message without having to dig too deeply.

I’m committed to working with what you already have and adding just what you need to create a final product that anyone can understand.

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