fruit fence

The Fruit Fence: showcasing AgBag-style planting structures that enable community members to become collective tree stewards.

Living in San Francisco, I’ve come to appreciate and almost expect my fellow residents’ relentless drive for innovative use of urban spaces, to redefine what it means to live and interact with each other. Caused by an acute awareness of the role our wasteful western habits and a lack of imagination have played in creating uninspiring environments, there’s a be-the-change-you-wish-to-see-in the-world DNA in our blood that leads us to embrace alternative ways for sharing space.

From Burning Man to Critical Mass to Santacon, whenever there’s a public display so beautifully weird and unheard of that it makes people stop in their tracks and burst into random giggles and conversations, chances are it’s connected to the City by the Bay. Add in our penchant for geeky tech explorations and you could call this condition we’re collectively afflicted with a severe case of “prototyping mania.” It didn’t surprise me at all then when I heard that the Urban Prototyping Festival (UP Festival for short) was going to make one of its inaugural appearances this weekend in downtown San Francisco.

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