Creative portal Tuber Creations takes a plunge into deeper waters

No matter where you stand on the state of the planet, there seems to be a consensus that things cannot go on the way they have been. We humans are creatures of habit, and some habits, like a good rhythm, are worth keeping. But there’s also a feeling in the air that something bigger and more fundamental within us has to shift, so that our daily rhythms can contribute to healing and sustaining the world rather than flooding it with waste.


It would be hard to find a person who thinks their primary reason for existence is to be a consumer, to plow through as many things as possible and leave behind a big pile of waste as their legacy. Even if you presented it in a more inviting way and left out the waste part, it’s hard to imagine anyone at the twilight of their life taking too much stock in the amount of stuff accumulated. When it comes to our lives’ purpose, less quantifiable yet more deeply felt accomplishments like how much joy we’ve spread or how well we’ve loved and cared for each other invariably surface as our soul’s more pressing concerns.

big-n-small hands

In fact, it seems that one of the underlying motivations behind all our actions is to connect with each other. So much of our energy and resources is spent on coming up with new gadgets that enable us to exchange our thoughts and experiences…


or transport ourselves in 5000 pound metal boxes to get to our various appointments…


All of that energy, all of that precious metal, all of that commotion and pollution, so we can find out more about each other, learn about ourselves, open our hearts, and be loved? It feels as if we have outsourced our innate capacity to find meaning to the ever-accelerating promises of another product that claims to find it for us. But no matter how hard we try to seek answers in the material world, we still keep coming back to the same place:


It seems that most of the predicaments humanity finds itself in today aren’t caused by a lack of resources but by a lack of imagination. Sure, there are many political, structural and technological changes that need to happen, but can any of those advances be more than just window-dressing unless they’re rooted in a shift in consciousness, a leap into the vast and uncharted creative reservoirs of our soul?


What would the world be like if we looked at our challenges the way a painter looks at an empty canvas? How would we treat our enemies if we were encouraged to slip into their skins, like actors who become another character? Who would just fend for themselves if our consciousness were stretched wide enough to see the whole world in the mirror?


Expanding consciousness is like learning a craft, a sport, or a language. You have to exercise muscles you didn’t even know you had. But while our brains can be trained in tangible, methodical ways, the soul—that deep and mysterious source of our being—likes to be tickled in different, more arcane ways.


This tickling of the soul to sow the creative seeds needed to bring about the transformation we seek in the material world has always been the mission of Tuber Creations, and with the launch of the new site I’m hoping to provide a portal for a diverse and growing community of artists, storytellers and musicians to share their vision and inspire the kind of creative changes that move our innermost core. And what better time to make this announcement than the day planet Neptune, the god of the sea and symbol of consciousness itself, is entering its natural mystical home of Pisces, where it will reside for the next 15 years, inviting us all to connect more deeply with the boundless ocean within all of us…


Come take a swim!


trash, gadget girls, and ocean cow by Debra Baida
hands by Joel Oppenheimer
traffic, there’s a mystery, rooftop dancer, the “bean” mirror, and ocean by Sven Eberlein