A few of my photos of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Cinque Terre in Italy were picked for an exhibit at Weissenhof Galerie in my hometown of Stuttgart, Germany. The question explored is how urban tourism can act as a catalyst for a broader socially just and sustainable development agenda.

I’m not sure which ones ended up on the wall, but here are a few that tell the story, with exhibition details below…






Beyond Tourism — Zanzibar 18th July —> 15th September 2013

architekturgalerie am weißenhof
Am Weißenhof 30, 70191 Stuttgart

In a climate of increased intra­urban competition, cities of the global South are joining the drive to fashion them­ selves as tourist destinations. Together with the continuous rise of extreme social and economical disparities, this exacerbates the conflicts and challenges for historic cities.
The exhibition makes a portrait of the urban and architectonic potentials of the UNESCO’s heritage site of Stone Town in Zanzibar with regards to its growing touristic development.
A palette of innovative and inspiring international best practice examples helps to raise the questions: How can urban tourism act as a catalyst for a broader socially just and sustainable development agenda? Which urban, architectural and programmatic strate­gies could help to promote such an integrated vision?