Kind2Bees – Remove, Relocate, Respect

I’ve been working on a few new websites for my clients this summer. It’s quite a motley range of content, from a cool custom upholstery business in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to an awesome Bay Area bee rescue and relocation service to a laid back European-style cafe and Italian restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District.

I helped out with as much or as little content as my clients needed. Nelson Upholstery had their blurbs and pics, and just needed me to put together a quick and simple site. Kind2Bees had a bunch of photos, links and content, but I was able to do a lot of editing and come up with some of the witty taglines. Caffe Fiore had just a few pics and almost no content, so I did a bunch of the photography and wrote up the content blurb.

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